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Virginia Bardach: Water Triumph

You saw her hang her medals. Now we're going to tell you a little bit about his career and his life. Virginia Bardach is a fish in the water.


The Cordovan Virginia Bardach won't stop succeeding. Born on April 3, 1992, she developed an amphibious life: she unfolds in both the terrestrial and aquatic environment with ease. He breaks it in the pools, and is very dear to the earthly world. His last medal was at the Pan American Games, where he won the gold medal in 200 meters butterfly. And, in addition, the silver medal at 400 medley.

Our medal as Argentines is that it be Cordovan. His sister is Georgina Bardach, another talented sport. With whom Virginia shared thousands of trainings and pools. Today they share their victories. Georgina encouraged her from Argentina, while Virgi triumphed in Lima. That's right, family is family.

The Cordovan continues and continues to train. In addition, enjoy day by day its Dive. But he never loses focus on his goals. In the case of Pan American, Virginia Bardach visualized, trained and worked hard especially to win those medals.

In addition to being a persevering and triumphant woman, Virgina is shy and sympathetic. He always values teamwork, he has the blue and white t-shirt above all. Your flag is the support of your family. Virginia Bardach has her sister, who encourages her to die. While Georgina trained, the mini Virginia (they take 7 years) went into the pool to accompany her idol. From there, he didn't come out anymore.

Chronological Triumph

In 2011, Virginia Bardach finished 26th in the overall standings. It was at the World Swimming Championships in Shanghai, where he participated for the 400 meters free.

In the same year, he participated in the Games Pan-Americans. He competed in 400 and 800 meters free. The posts were 15 and 11 respectively.

Already in 2016, in Carioca land, he participated in the Olympic Games. He competed in 400 meters combined single, and was 31 in the overall location.

And this year came: at the Pan American Games in 2019, won the gold medal at the 200 meters butterfly. And with a yapa: the silver in 400 meters medley. The reward of your effort and dedication It was for everyone.

That's why we applaud Virginia.

Publication Date: 20/12/2019

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