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Vanessa Taborda, Cordoba in the ring

Cordobesa by adoption, boxer Vanesa Taborda became world champion silver in the Rooster category of the World Boxing Council.
la boxeadora Vanesa Taborda se consagró campeona mundial plata
10 November, 2019

At the age of 35, Vanessa Taborda fulfilled one of her dreams. She was consecrated silver world champion of the Rooster category of the World BoxingCouncil. She’s from Cordoba for adoption. He was born in Rafaela, Santa Fe, but at the age of three his family settled in Córdoba. He won the title on October 19 in Bregenz, Austria.

The Argentine boxer defeated local Eva Voraberger. In the fifth round the referee stopped the fight due to the lack of answers from the Austrian and Taborda kept the belt.

“ I would like to defend the title in Cordoba. I never fought here. I always went to other provinces or abroad. I have a signed contract for which I have an obligation to give a rematch to my vanquished in my first fight as a champion. I hope it’s in this province,” expressed. Of Santafesino origin, but with heart Cordoba, Vanessa Taborda gives us the stamina. His desire to compete in Cordovan soil is collective. And we hope it will come true and be able to see it succeed.

And he added: “It was my seventh fight for a world title. I’d lost the previous ones. Many times after a defeat was going to train and wept for the missed opportunity.”

It’s not all boxing.

Vanessa Taborda, a mother of three, is trained by her husband Marcelo Gutiérrez, former boxer and brother of former world champion Omar Narváez. Upon returning to the country she was greeted in Ciudad de los Quartetos neighborhood as what she is: a champion.

Today this fighter of life and of the ring is consecrated as a Cordovan star. A national and popular pride that never fails to bring us joy. Vanessa Taborda not only exceeds her own expectations, but also fulfills our dreams to all boxingfans. And without neglecting your personal projects. We already know that the world of sport, for a woman, is much more than just training and striving.

Come on, baby! We from here you we do the bloating to keep bulldozing.

SOURCE: Via Córdoba

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