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“They in sport”, a new journalistic challenge

Gabriela Parola and Andrés Wañasky will launch a series of digital productions dedicated to women's sport in Cordoba: “They in
28 November, 2019

Journalists Gabriela Parola and Andrés Wañasky will present “Ellas en el deporte”, a brand new audiovisual journalistic product launched from Córdoba. In a new format, to be broadcast on social networks, this cycle will reflect the world of women protagonists in sports. Depending on the role they have to play. Athlete, leader, journalist, referee, judge, psychologist, coaching, mother, father, etc.

“ They in sport” is a challenge that journalists Gabriela Parola and Andrew Wañasky.

The experienced communicators will count on the collaboration of Alejandro Ortiz (a charge of the integral realization). They will seek to generate attractive content for be broadcast in communication formats using new technologies (Youtube, Facebook and Instagram).

By that “Them in sport” will be posted on your Youtube channel. They will be videos of an approximate duration of 10 minutes with intimate style and dynamic. And, in addition, replicated on social networks with exclusive content developed for each platform

The first season will consist of 10 videos that will be published on the Youtube fortnightly during the second half of 2019.

Let’s support the project

For more information and content developed for this loop, click here. From journalism and from all possible means, supporting the female categories is a step towards the future. The transformation of the world of sport, and of society as a whole, we concerns everyone. And it implies new perspectives on all aspects of the life. It is important that we start listening to the female voices in sport. Let us transcend the stories of athletes who succeed in the career of obstacles that it is to be a woman today in the world of sport. “They in the sport” adds a new look at sports realities and entertains us with extraordinary audiovisual content.


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