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The wish list of the sport Cordoba

With 2020 ahead, the wish list for the sport of Cordoba is quite long. What each team needs for next
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| 02 February, 2020 |

With 2020 ahead, the wish list for the sport of Cordoba is quite long. The coming season has several national tournaments. And some internationals that take away more than one’s sleep.

In Workshops, the desire is to be able to assemble a competitive team that fights the title in the Superleague. And, of yapa, in the Superliga Cup. And, if it’s to ask, the classification to the Liberators looks out as another great longing.

In Alberdi don’t hang around. He desire is only one: to ascend to First. Whatever. With or without reinforcements. With the president chosen by the partners. But return as soon as the order will be all Belgrano fans.

For Alta Córdoba, wishes have various supplications. The biggest one is that the football team gets the coveted promotion to First Division. Basketball fans are also excited about the title in the Champions League, the Super 20 and the National League.

In Rio Cuarto they dream big and, after the unforgettable 2019, they ask for more. The promotion to Primera and a good role in Copa Argentina.

And I also want to…

Y, if you’re asking for promotions, you won’t need to read the Racing fans of New Italy, General Paz Juniors, Argentine Peñarol. Nor are those of the rest of the Cordoba teams that will compete for the new Regional Amateur.

At basketball we want Athens to have its glory nights again. Let “the Topito” Londero continue to shine in tennis and break it in all tournaments. Let our drivers wear every race. And, above all, that Cordoba athletes shine at the Tokyo Olympics.

And, as in sport, you never have to leave the infrastructure aside, there is one more request. Works to modernize the Córdoba Stadium, which will host the final of the Copa Sudamericana.


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