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“The Untouchable”

I was lucky enough to see him boxing. It was unique. To this day, it remains unique. He psychically demolished
02 September, 2019

Numbers are scary. He fought 117 times. And it ended up at the top. They didn’t call him “The Untouchable.” We speak, obviously, of the great Nicolino Locche. To reach his first title (the national Liviano FAB) he spent 3 years and 21 fights. That one won by points, like so many others, because it didn’t have a devastating blow. I beat you differently.

A few more fights came before the Latin title. And then, the mythical fights with Abel Laudonio and Abel Cachazú. All of them, mostly made in his house, Mendoza. Or in his second home, the Luna Park. Until in 1968 he left the country for the first time. He went to Tokyo to contest the title of Takeshi “Paul” Fuyi. That’s right there. He smashed the Japanese. And he brought the Super Light AMB, which he would hold five times.

In ’72 he lost it in Panama to Alfonso Frazier. In ’73 he tried to conquer him, but he also lost, with Antonio Cervantes. He kept fighting until ’76, at home. It was big. It had started in ’58.

It had a unique style. No one could hit him. Hence, “The Untouchable.” He was lowering his guard. He dodged with his waist. It was coming out of the ropes. He dodged, recklessly, with his neck. That was tremendous. His hands would pass in millimeters, but they wouldn’t hit him. He had a unique coldness. It must have been that’s what amused him. Because if I’d hit Fuyi like he hit in more fights, I’d have been a lot bigger than he was.

Over time, hundreds of copycats came. Some, great, like Muhammad Ali or Ray “Sugar” Leonard. Nico was bigger, maybe. History would have made me right, if he’d let go of his hand more. His record says so. Only 14 KO at 117. And the only four he lost speak of his mastery in defense.

An amazing one. An untouchable like none.

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