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The Santafesino Sports Museum opened in Rosario

The Museum is dedicated to honoring the Santafesino athletes who made history. The building itself is a great work of
El Museo está dedicado a homenajear a los atletas santafesinos
| 07 December, 2019 |

The governor of Santa Fe, Miguel Lifschitz, inaugurated the Museum of Sport Santafesino, located in the park Heroes of Malvinas, in Ayacucho at 4800, in the southern zone of Rosary.

The building is dedicated to honoring the Santafesino athletes who made history .

In order to visit the museum and to know its facilities, it is necessary to purchase tickets beforehand, on the website

“ Athletes are the essence of this project. We’ve been given the reason for us to inaugurate this beautiful modern museum, with all the technology, which aims not only to be a landmark attraction for tourism. We also understand it as a great culturalspace, assuming that the Sport is part of popular culture of the country, and especially of the province, because in addition to showing the history of sport santafesino this place will be scenario for multiple events and cultural activities,” explained Lifschitz.

“ It is a museum that will stimulate children and young people a love of sport. Schools throughout the province and the country will be able to visit this free of charge with the intention of that young people can meet and value the great history of the sport of Santafesino, as well as take a stimulus to join the practice of a sports discipline or to deepen it,” the governor added.

The building as a work of art

“ This building is located a few blocks from Lionel Messi ‘s birthplace. For these places, in this neighborhood, he started playing football. What is quite a symbol of this place, which will surely become a great center of attraction, which for us is something else, is a sense homage, a recognition to the history of our sport, athletes and athletes, acquaintances and the famous and also those who may have little recognition but who also achieved impressive triumphs and are part of the pride of Santafesino”, stressed the Governor.

“ In addition, this building itself is a great work of art, with avant-garde architecture , designed to become a real icon ,which will mobilize tourism and generate a great cultural and sportsmovement throughout the area.”

For his part, former footballer Nery Pumpido stressed that “it is a masterpiece of the province of Santa Fe , a recognition that never had been done.” “Here we will see the history of sport, and so we will have a great future,” he added. In addition, during the act, the former player of football Ricardo Giusti donated his shirt with which played the match against England in the World Cup of Mexico 86, to be part of the museum’s objects and stated: “It is a spectacular initiative.”

Also, the former athlete Paralympic Susana Olarte assured that “

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