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The Real in the Argentine Cup?

That's right, gentlemen, it's a new football club.
18 September, 2019

Real Pilar FC, born on January 17, 2017, has just over two years of life, is located in the city ofPilar, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA and AFA after four decades without joining new clubs, granted him the license to form part of the big competition, using the facilities of the Carlos Barraza stadium, in his city.

And why is it news or why this highlight?

For several reasons, first of all, because it is unusual for these times, in Argentina found a club and has great merit in the dream of its founders and in this case its President Cesar Mansilla with the commission that leads it, technical team and staff, as they allowed themselves to dream and made it a reality.

At present they have, not only the team of professionals, but their inferior are already made up almost 500 boys, in their most of the Pilarenses who are articulating each category of children and young people.

Certainly inspiring for a country in cry, Don’t you?

On the other hand, we must allude to the fact that Club Atlético Boca Juniors ceased to be the only benchmark with zero descents, like it or not, is a reality they currently share.

But the best is still lacking, since in these first two years, he has managed to ascend from the first “D” to the first “C” and as if that were not enough, this allowed him to qualify for the Argentina Cup 2019, which already has him in the round of 16 having won Belgrano de Córdoba and leaving outside, nothing more and nothing less, than the Club Atletico Velez Sarfield , achieving that for the first time, a fifth division club beats one of the first.

Source TyC Sports

Far from fanaticism, even if some Fenix fan looks with some suspicion, thinking that from here on there will be a sporting rival, we congratulate Club Real Pilar FC and all his great family, since you

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