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“The plane” Gauto World Champion

“El avión” Gauto reached a new coronation and confirmed why it is one of the great promises of the Argentine
| 03 October, 2019 |

The Undefeated Argentinian Agustín Mauro “The plane” Gauto got the title of the World Boxing Organization (WMO). By beating Mexican Luis Orozco. It was unanimous in a match at the Concordia Railway Club, Entre Ríos.

After an intense launch, the three juries saw the winner of “The Plane” Gauto with cards from 98-91, 97-92 and 97-91.

Gauto, 21, born in Lanús, Gran Buenos Aires, now holds a record of 13 wins (8 ko), without draws or defeats. While Orozco, 23, born in Guadalajara, was left with a foja of 12-2-1, with 8 ko.

The Buenos Aires pugilista, one of the promises of local boxing, despite his youth has already won the South American title fly, the Latin minimosca OMB and the FIB minimosca youth world championship.

In addition, he is the only Argentine boxer to appear in three world rankings (6 OMB, 10 AMB and 11 FIB).

In the semibackground, Mexican superfeather Mauricio Lara (21 years, 17-2-0, 11 ko), took the unbeaten Uruguayan Eduardo Estela (29 years, 10-1-0), who beat him by technical knockout in eight laps.

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