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The Cordoba delegation plays everything in the JNE

The Evita 2019 National Youth and Adapted Games begin in La Feliz, and the Cordoba delegation is already there doing
| 11 October, 2019 |

Let’s see how they’re doing. this year to the Cordoba who compete in the National and Adapted Evita 2019. The Cordoba delegation was chosen in the program Córdoba plays and is now running at Mar del Plata to compete. 765 were selected to represent the province in different sports. And the total number of competitors across the country is 20,000. Each region with his players wants to give his best. In addition, the opportunities that offers to be champion of these games are so many. This year the delegation , is also made up of champions of the previous year. In addition to being a very important sportcompetition, it is also a personal competition. The guys who participate take unique experiences, because the exchange is not only professional. Among friends, teachers and coordinators, young people enjoy unique and unforgettable days. And, on top of that, practicing the sports that they have been passionate since they were young. The Cordovan delegation was prepared to these Games, so let’s see How are you doing?

What are we at stake?

The categories in the that are competing are conventional and adapted. And the Cordoba delegation has players for all types of competition. In the disciplines only 7 sports are adapted: athletics, basketball, boccia, volleyball sitting, goalball, swimming and table tennis. On the other hand: aquathlon, chess, athletics, badminton, 3×3 basketball, 5×5 basketball, boxing, canotaging, cestoball, cycling, mountain biking, fencing, football 7, football 11, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline, handball, lawn hockey. judo, artistic swimming, swimming, karate, Olympic weightlift, wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, optimist, windsurfing, paddle ball, rugby, taekwondo, tabletennis, tabletennis, sports shooting, volleyball, beach volleyball and artistic skate are 36 conventional disciplines.

Some of the competitions will be televised through public TV and by DeportV. We’re gonna do all the bloating.

Will it be that come more Cordobes to the selections? May the Cordoba delegation this year bring us good news.

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