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The bike of José

In 1978, José Ruschansky achieved the world record for kilometer against time at the Odesur Games in La Paz (Bolivia).
En 1978 José Ruschansky logró el récord mundial
| 30 December, 2019 |

“ Greetings to all. I’m happy. José, new world recordman.” The telegram, brief, dated November 7, 1978, came from Bolivia, to the house of the Ruschansky family. Brief and forceful to communicate the good news of news that, in our days, would explode on social networks.

With a mark of 1m 04s225, the Cordoba cyclist had become the fastest man on the planet by bicycle. José Ruschansky sprayed that day the previous record of the kilometre test against the clock. The Alto Irpavi velodrome of La Paz, considered to be the tallest in the world, witnessed the episode. And he dressed Argentine cycling in glory on that day of the Odesur Games.

As a to further nuance the heroic film, the award ceremony had its share of suspense. Young Joseph a week next would be 22 years old. And paid tribute to his effort and to the 3600 meters altitude with a fainting that scared everyone.

Córdoba is a province with a huge tradition cycling. Inherited from the exploits of Pedro Salas, Ambrosio Aimar, Oscar Pezoa, Ricardo Senn, Oswaldo Frossasco or the “adoptive” Roberto Breppe (Entrerriano). And thus he presented a new consecrated man, even if he his conquest did not make big headlines in the national media. That still engolosinned by the conquest of the football team and hockey team over skates, they did not pay attention to cycling.

From the bike to the museum

Lover , José was the “weirdo” in a family rooted and attached to the bike. “I never felt of them a term of displeasure or a reference so that leave football for cycling. But I once said I’d like to run and that same day I had all the items purchased: glove, helmet, mesh…”. He recalled José in the defunct magazine Goals. The one that a month later echoed the world record and dedicated three pages.

His bike was manufactured by Carlos Roselli, with steel pipes drawn Reynolds brand. Today it is one of the 200 articles on display at the Provincial Sports Museum. There, together with several other athletes from this province, honor the “Córdoba Cuna de Campeones”.

SOURCE: Mun do D

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