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Pedro Cachín and his warmth

The Bellvillense Pedro Cachín had an emotional act of solidarity. Cachín is an idol of Cordoba tennis and, now, of
El bellvillense Pedro Cachín tuvo un emotivo acto solidario
| 06 December, 2019 |

Pedro Cachín, a young tennis player from Cordoba who takes his first steps in professionalism, had a gesture of solidarity. And that allowed Victorie, a 10-year-old Congolese boy, to fulfill one of his own.

Cachín, currently 277th in the world, was one of the Argentine tennis players invited to participate in the ATP 250 in Córdoba. This tournament was a historic milestone for the Mediterranean province, which for the first time hosted a competition with world-class tennis.

It was during the preparation to face that he himself defined as the most special week of his life. Cachín met with a video on social networks that accumulated about a million views and was even shared by the official account of the International Tennis Federation on Twitter.

The images showed Victorie, a baby. native of Goma, changing the ropes to his racket using a branch of tree. The child is native to a city of about 160,000 inhabitants located in the west of the Republic Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The great gesture

Excited by the story and motivated by his stringer Xavier Colomina, tennis player Pedro Cachín decided to make a Cording machine up to the hands of Victorie.

Cachín and Colomina managed to get the data of the club where the boy was playing. Thanks to the Tennis Aid Foundation, which helps the spread and inclusion of tennis in Africa, they were able to contact their coach to realize an event that is already around the world.

“ I said to Xavi: look, I have a machine that doesn’t I use, if it makes you happy, me too and the boy will make it very Happy. It was two minutes of talk and we said, “Let’s go ahead.” Xavi is took care of the shipment and I put the machine,” said the young tennis player.

In two weeks, the machine was already with Victorie and her companions, who were excited from the moment they found out about the gift they were going to receive. “Coach told me that when he gave him the news, Victorie went out in tears”, revealed the Cordovan.

“ It was as exciting for him as it was for me. It’s moving that the image has gone so far. It’s a nice gesture that didn’t cost us anything at all because it was something minimal in economic terms,” the tennis player stressed.

More love please

Cachín, who became 170th in the world ranking, was also encouraged to send a message to his colleagues on the circuit to motivate more gestures like that. “It’s not so hard to send things and make other people happy who need it more than we do.”

“ Boys take two hours to walk to the club, they have a lot of passion and all they want to do is play tennis. It attracts you a lot of attention and invites you to move forward the thought that there are people who have it much harder,” he reflected.

SOURCE: Vía País

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