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John Ignacio Lóndero: from Jesus Mary to the world

The tennis player who represents us internationally today is Juan Ignacio Lóndero. We tell you a little about his life
El tenista que nos representa a nivel internacional hoy es Juan Ignacio Lóndero
| 22 December, 2019 |

Born in Jesús María, in 1993, Juan Ignacio Lóndero is consecrated as one of the great tennis players in the top 100 of the world ranking. Eternal workouts made him a personality that is surpassed day by day. And it shows us in different tournaments that you can more and more.

In his history he has victories against tennis greats: John Millman, Albert Ramos, Nicolas Jarry, among others. Lóndero keeps breaking it and doing his best. Like since its beginnings back in 2010. With a right-handed, two-handed game on the reverse side, Lóndero wins all sets. His coach is the great Andrew Schneiter.

Since a little boy wanting to be the biggest

They tell the bad tongues that, since you, He asked his dad to play tennis. At the club in their homeland, they comment that was a very restless child: “He always asked for trust, and we gave him because we knew he was going to be the star of the club,” says the owner of the canteen of the club. The “Topo” spent the day and night wandering around with his friends for the facilities of your club. This kid is super loved, and remembered with love for all of us. Those who saw him play as a child confirm that Juan Ignacio Lóndero had something special. A mixture of claw, talent, will, spark and of that which not everyone sees.

Life took him to the Capital very soon, already that the possibilities in Jesus Mary were few. His family couldn’t banque him. the race, so he went looking for sponsors and betting on a race professional. He left for Buenos Aires at the age of 15.

It began with many obstacles: diseases, injuries and lost matches. But little by little he got a lot of trouble. Today Juan Ignacio Lóndero does not understand defeat. After playing the games, he always analyzes them and continues to beat himself.

Among his family inheritances is the hand for tennis and nickname. “El Mole”, actually, was his dad’s nickname. And he will remained to him. But, in reality, for those who saw it grow, it’s “The Topito”. AND, for his family, Tate. Another inheritance is to be cabulero, like all Argentines.

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