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Creole tennis: a very santafesino game

The Creole tennis game, exclusive to Argentina, has its origin in the provincial capital. Curiosities of a very particular sport.
| 13 February, 2020 |

If you walk along the Costanera, or the lake area of Parque Sur, and you do not know this game, you will be able to observe groups of people practicing a paddle game. At first, it may seem to you that they play tennis. Then you take a good look, and the court is smaller . Will it be paddle? But the walls are missing! Someone has to explain it to you: it’s Creole tennis.

In Buenos Aires is also played. Also in some Mesopotamian provinces and in the whole interior of Santa Fe. But its origin is well, well from the capital provincial. Here, Creole tennis is so deeply rooted that if you say you play tennis (the other, the English), they ask you: “Creole?” , and you have to put give explanations.

Its origin

Account The legend is that the origin of this little game is the fruit of a tragedy. The traditional racing club suffered a fire in the 20s of the last century, and a group of friends found some destroyed oars that they used as paddles. They improvised a network and, without realize, invented a whole national sport.

In the 1940s, regulations were systematized, and many clubs participated in provincial and national competitions. Today there are 13 Santa Fe institutions affiliated to the Association ofSantafesina.

Al like “the other tennis”, Creole can be played individually or in pairs. Almost like rugby in New Zealand, tennis championships Creole is almost always earned by the Santafesinos. Its courts are distributed by the city, and can be found both in the most humble clubs like the most “hottest”.

Infaltable pastime of the Santafesinos weekends, suffered in the 90’s by the rage of the paddle, Creole tennis never died since birth more than Seventy piroulos. Cheer to grab a trowel and practice it!

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