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Swimmer santafesina to the South American

Romina Imwinkelried closed 2019 in the best way. The San Jerónimo Norte swimmer will be part of the national open
| 27 January, 2020 |

Two great news came, at the end of 2019, open water swimmer Romina Imwinkelried, from San Jerónimo Norte, Santa Fe province. On the one hand, after obtaining third place in one of the last races of the year, the final result of the ranking established by FINA (International SwimmingFederation ), in which the santafesina finished second, that is, runner-up. Thanks to this, and to the many other good results she achieved throughout 2019, Romina was called to join the team that will represent Argentina in the South American Championship that will take place in Buenos Aires between March and April.

During the last weekend of 2019, the Interfederative Open Water Championship was held at Dike One of the Port of Santa Fe, in which Romina Imwinkelried finished in the first place, among the ladies. Three months earlier, a third place in Italy placed the native of San Jerome Norte as runner-up, according to the rank established by FINA. Thanks to this achievement, it was recently announced from the Argentine Aquatic Sports Conference (CADDA) that Imwinkelried will be part of the Argentine delegation that will face the aforementioned South American Buenos Aires.


A great year

Sports achievements of the swimmer santafesina did not come exclusively in the last months of the year. On the contrary, there had already been started very well in 2019 with a third place in the traditional Santa Marathon Fe-crowned. A few months later, he achieved a meritorious fourth place in the test of the 10 km of the Pan American of Lima. Then, on a Europe tour, he got outstanding results in open water from several countries of the Old World, among those who highlight the third place in Italy, which allowed it, as said, become world runner-up.

Promising career of this swimmer, only 25 years old and many sports projects ahead.

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