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Soledad Garcia, the claw of a mother Leona

The medalist and world champion in hockey tells us how she enjoys Robertina and Antonia. Soledad García: the essence of
Soledad García:, esencia de una luchadora.
| 11 November, 2019 |

Sundays are special for Soledad García. And mother’s days are enjoyed twice as much. Now he shares them with Robertina (4 years old) and Antonia, the baby who was on his way last year. And whose pregnancy demanded the Sole to give the most out of herself.

The world champion in hockey is installed in San Rafael (Mendoza), and serving as head coach of the local team. And, in addition, time is made to share his time with the lionesses of the family.

“ I I’m a thoroughbred Cordovan, but Robertina already speaks with a Mendoza tune and we laughed . I’d love to have a boy, to to know what love for a male child is. To Nicholas, my husband, once They threw the cards and told him we would have three children and one would be a boy. We’ll see…”

So far, you can project your own women’s hockey team with the Garcia family. Her sisters were players and her mom made Mommy Hockey. “With Vero and Vale, my sisters, we grew up in Universitario. But too many players are missing and I’m not going to complete the team,” he joked.

“ La Sole,” Mom.

Antonia was born at eight months of gestation and went through hard times. “With Robertina, the pregnancy was spectacular. But with Antonia a month earlier I had to rest to advance labor. I couldn’t even get up to go to the bathroom. Just me that all the time I do things and I can’t stand still.”

“ We passed Three weeks on the Neo, because the baby was connected with an artificial respirator. We went every three hours to visit her, Robertina didn’t understand why she didn’t see her sister… you find yourself in a lot of things, and I think in some respects it compared to what I had to face as a player of the Selection. It makes you value more what you have”, recalled Soledad García.

The Lioness also defined herself in the role of mother. “At first I was not patient, and I even changed my mood that the house was not tidy. I’m still very demanding, for example, with the care of clothes, with the meals… but Robertina is four years old! He loves to drink coke and eat fries… I can’t be that heavy.”

And completed: “10 years ago I would not have imagined myself in such a situation because trained with Las Leonas in the high performance, and that implies being very one, much ego and demand. Now I see my daughters, what companions they are and how Robertina makes her play and laugh. Little sister… it’s full happiness.”

Soledad García breaks it on the court, and doors inside, at home. A mother lioness, who fills us with joy. The player does not stop winning titles, including “best mom”.

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