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Softball, a sport more Argentinian than it seems

The men's softball team became world champion this year. In Mendoza, it served for more kids to start practicing it.
12 October, 2019

It is worth explaining, to some unsuspecting, that softball is a team sport that is played with a bat and a ball . Its basic objective is to pass as many times through the bases. That’s right, it sounds like baseball, and the truth is, it is. Perhaps it is the Latin American version of that sport so associated with the United States. However, in Argentina there is a good base for softball, and Mendoza is no stranger to that.

The world title won in the Czech Republic this year aroused the interest of many Mendoza in this sport. The final against Japan, with the epic 3-2, sounded the phones from the main clubs in our province and the Mendocina Softball Federation.

There are five clubs in Mendoza: Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Banco Mendoza, Luján de Cuyo, Monserrat and Capital. All have male and female branches, and older and child categories. Some institutions, with a little more history in the discipline, such as Banco Mendoza and Monserrat, have two teams in larger, as there are many players.

Coaches, leaders and softball supporters are convinced that the World Cup will strike a growth blow to not only add more players, but also get more financial support, build more courts, etc. Lionesses. They weren’t so booming, but when they started winning and coming out champions, hockey started to grow.

Anyone who wants to find out something about softball can do so on the Facebook page of Softball Mendoza. In addition, on each of the clubs pages you can find the necessary information: data such as training days and schedules so that more and more people get closer and the sport can continue to grow.

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