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Workshops of Perico and his two drinks in one day

The women's squad and the men's team became champions of the Jujuy Cup, securing two titles in one day for
plantel femenino y el masculino, se consagraron campeones de la Copa Jujuy,
| 08 December, 2019 |

The second edition of the Jujuy Cup organized by the Government of Jujuy together with the Secretariat Sports, came to an end with the dispute of the two finals. A finale male and female, where the two teams of Club Atletico Talleres de Pericowere consecrated champions.

The first joy for the parakeans came in their hands. The women’s team of the “Express” from Perqueño won 4-2 to their par of Club Atlético El Carril, of the town of San Antonio. The girls of Perico thus inscribed their name in the history of local football by becoming the first champions of the Jujuy Cup in the category.

In the second final also Talleres de Perico would take the laurels. Although it should prolong the definition to the final consequences with shots from the point of the penalty. The balance was favorable to the “Blue Express”, as the electrifying sequence recorded a 5-4 in its favor. With this, the Pequeño club would score in its annals two Olympic laps in the same afternoon, without a doubt a historical event.

The awards

For the men’s team the title meant a prize of $280,000 and the passport to play the North Cup. A round trip final with the next winner of the Salta Cup. The historic girls’ championship does not seem to be so profitable for the organization. The parakeian girls received a prize check, for their status as champions, with just $80,000. In addition to the lower value check, they won’t play the North Cup and end their season.

The finals were played at the “23 de Agosto” stadium of Club Gimnasia y Fencing, also known as La Tacita de Plata. It is estimated that 10,000 people attended the finals and watched Talleres de Pericomake history in local football.

Source: Vía Jujuy

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