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Women’s football: for a provincial team

We interviewed Walter Luna, one of the people in charge of carrying out the Provincial Selection Project of Cordoba. For
| 15 February, 2020 |

Walter Luna is DT, coach and trained in different areas. Today he acts as the coach of the lower and the first Racing of Córdoba. And he tells us a bit about the Provincial Selection project that emerged last year, and is still in force.


How does the provincial selection project begin in Cordoba?

Last year appeared a sports table headed by Sergio Flores, former football player, who has a lot of contacts who are former players. From different clubs: Lázaro, Maidana, Gasparini, René Arregui. Former football players from Cordoba. This sports table is made up of people who work in many clubs, most of them inside. There are few things here in Córdoba. But we’re all working in football, in schools, and this is a very combative football. We’re all ex-sportsmen. This table has lawyers, psychologists working with injuries, psychologists working with sociocultural issues, accountants, doctors. He’s got a big body. And we, with the sports table, are being pioneers. This year we wanted to do the only thing Cordoba doesn’t have. We want to make a provincial selection. You notice that Buenos Aires has women’s football team, all the provinces. Cordoba is the only one that doesn’t have.

What do you think is the relevance of creating a selection for women’s football in Cordoba?

I think it’s the way to start giving this an entity. Because, if not, you work to train girls and you can never show them. And it is very necessary to show our players. And you show them on the court, playing, traveling, facing different rivals.

What is your role in this project?

We in July or August, I don’t remember well, did the first meeting. And this sports table trusted Tano Spallina and me to be the DT of the selection.

How were the first encounters with the players?

We did two training sessions, one on our premises and one on the court of Belgrano. But Liga Cordobesa established that any girl who trained in these opportunities would be sanctioned by each club. So soon they were over, and other disputes began.

What is the position of Liga Cordobesa regarding this project?

There were arguments. Negotiations began, but Liga Cordobesa did not give in. This project is something that needs to be done. But Liga doesn’t, and they don’t want others to do it. The independence of women’s football from men’s football should be an impetus for the creation of the national team. Besides, you’re giving the girls an award. An incentive, a goal to reach. Girls have been fighting to grow up for many years. With no reserve, the chances of showing the players were also greatly reduced. As well as the possibilities of growth within the club.

What is the reality of the players in Cordoba without a Provincial Team?

To show themselves, girls have to be their own representatives. They just have to send videos, show themselves. A club

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