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Valentín Castellanos: the Mendoza who dazzled the right hand of Guardiola

He never played professionally in Argentina. Castellanos passed through Chile and then through Uruguay until he reached the MLS, where
Valentín Castellanos, mendocino, deslumbró a la mano derecha de Guardiola
11 December, 2019

How comethe man who was the right-hand man of a certain Josep Guardiola in his golden age in Barcelona, in Bayern Munich and also in Manchester City, drew attention to an Argentine striker unknown to the eyes of the football world? The story begins with the connection of a couple of clubs linked to the same economic group: City Football Gror up. The videos ofValentín Castellanos‘s goals in the Uruguayan Torque -belonging to the Manchester City family- came to Domenec Torrent, who in 2018 launched the adventure of being the first DT of New York FC -another son of the City.

The Spaniard made it a priority to be taken to Manhattan. Valentín Castellanos doesn’t care about this family tree of equipment. It is enough to know that Torrent noticed him, that he asked for it and that he is getting his best version in the Major League Soccer of the United States, the one that now gave him the chance to become visible and that led him to win a chance in the Under 23 National Team of Fernando Batista.

Who’s that?

Who is this unknown footballer who could never play in Argentina and who, at 21 years old, gains ground based on goals in the North American league? Taty, as his friends and family tell him, was born in Guaymallén, Mendoza. There he started in the home league, in the team Leonardo Murialdo. Youth DT Tony Torres contacted his friend Diego Rivarola, sports manager of the U of Chile, to talk to him about his chicken, Castellanos.

And that’s how, without luck in clubs in his country, Valentín crossed the mountain range at 17. Before, I had felt two frustrations at not meeting in River and Lanus. In Núñez he passed the first test, although later it did not succeed. And in the Garnet he was rejected for his physique. “They told me I was very skinny, I felt bad at the time, but I know they are things that happen,” recalls Castellanos.

Your time in Chile

In Chile, in addition to its premiere under the great spotlight of I would expect something more intimate and mobilizing. “It cost me at first leave because I was a kid, but everyone told me it was time to take the leap. Besides, my dad Diego was just in Chile… Seven years ago. I didn’t see him. It’s a personal story that football closed. Football made me get back together with my old man, because he opened the doors of his house there and I went to live with him and his wife. They were going to send me to the boarding house, but I I said I wanted to go with him. Thanks to that we reconciled and taught me many things that helped me,” says this San Lorenzo fan, the only footballer professional of five siblings (four males and one female).

After debuting for Copa Sudamericana, he did not return to have opportunities and decided to look for minutes in Uruguay. The Torque Club borrowed in the second division Charrúa. His many contributed to the promotion at six months. Already in Primera, he went from extreme to midfielder, and found his position. “That’s where I started scoring goals and I didn’t stop.

I like this position better. I’m comfortable and the truth is that I already consider myself 9,” says Castellanos.

And he reveals to his referents:“Lucho Suárez’s claw identifies me, I try to copy that from the Uruguayan. I also like Falcao.”

The jump to the majors

Even if he didn’t know it, by that time his videos had fallen into the hands of Torrent. “He loved me at all costs, so much so that I had to finish six months earlier the loan with Torque to go”, stresses Taty, one of the coach’s pampered along with Maxi Moralez, the star of the computer that t

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