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The Story of River: Part 13

River faces one of the worst moments in its history: football drought and the biggest tragedy in the history of
River afronta uno de los peores momentos de su historia
| 21 December, 2019 |

And so we arrive, because in life everything is ups and downs, at the moment that many scholars of the subject mention as the worst period in the history of the River Plate Athletic Club (along with the other, the one that everyone is thinking, which we will see when we reach 2011).

It coincides, because we do not have to believe in witches but there are witches, with the shocking failure of the Argentine national team in the Swedish World Cup of 1958. River was sixth in the championship (the worst place in its history so far), repeating the same position in 59 . The crisis already showed that he had come to stay. To top it off, on October 12, 1959, he played with the Millionaire’s shirt for the last time one of his greatest idols in history: Ángel Labruna. Score 542 goals ( 16 to Boca, being to this day the top scorer in the history of the superclassics). He also left 17 goals to the team.

While had huge players (Ermindo Onega, Délem, Luis Artime and Oscar Máz, for example), in the 60s River did not won nothing (the drought would last a little longer: 18 very long years). He came second in more than one opportunity (one of the most is the penalty that cuts Rome to Délem in 62 and the triangular of tiebreaker losing in 68 against Vélez, who would win the title for the first time once in its history).

River’s problems transcend football

But without a doubt one of the saddest moments in the history of the club came in 1966. River, without becoming a local champion, had entered Plaza de Libertadores. He advanced in the Cup and reached the final, whose tiebreaker match was played in Chile against Peñarol. The first half ended 2-0 in favor of the Millo. But in the second half, the charrúa claw appeared and the Charcoal tied him. In the added time Peñarol won 4-2. That day the nickname “hens” would be born.

Malaria doesn’t end there. (so they can see that it’s not a witches thing). In the 1969 superclassic was produced at the Monumental the biggest tragedy of Argentine football. It is still not known why (you will never know) on access door number 12 there was a human avalanche that took the lives of 71 people. AT the end of that year would retire Carrizo, which next to door 12 is nothing, but it was also a difficult blow to face for the club (still today has the record of the most matches played with the band: 520).

In 1971 a balm appeared for such misfortune. At 18 years old he debuted in first Norberto “El Beto” Alonso. The storm was going on.

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