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The “rabona”, an Argentine invention

What does “being a rabona” have to do with the football pirouette? What are the cutest goals that include pirouette
fútbol rabona
| 12 December, 2019 |

Many times I wondered what the relationship was between “becoming a rabona” (for those who do not know the term due to geographical or age reasons, I clarify that it means “to miss school without warning parents”) and the football play that is made by hitting the ball through the skilful leg behind the unskilled leg. Curiosity gets along very well with Google, so I found the answer and I’m going to tell you, dear readers of Ser Argentino, so that you can show off on the next roast with the family or third half of the fulbito every week.

The beginning of everything

The That’s how it is. It’s 1948. Estudiantes plays with Central. Danger Play for Students, kicks one to the bow (many claim that it was Julio “The Crazy” Gagliardo) and hits the stick. Like had taken out a bomb flower, the ball bounces very hard and very fast, so much that it leaves the area without touching it no player from either of the two teams. It falls on Ricardo Infante. He’s uncomfortable, in addition to coming very Quick, it stings bad. He’s out of place, with the ball closer to his leg incapable. He’s outside the area, he doesn’t want to kick with that one because he’s afraid of throw her into the grandstand. In a tenth of a second, as these things happen, he screams Eureka! (think it, of course, does not scream, so crazy he was not) and makes the most important decision of his life as an athlete: he crosses his right leg behind his left hand and puts a Puncture. The ball, as in slow motion, rises. Start coming down, go losing strength. Defenders are not able to jump because of the unexpected of the play, which also confuses the archer. He gets right next to the right stick. Besides to score an unforgettable goal, just invent a move.

The impact


next day, the magazine “El Gráfico” publishes a cartoon of Infante, who plays with his surname and shows him dressed as a primary school student. They add the headline “El Infante que la rabona”. The play already had a name.

The rabona in history

The first time a rabona was broadcast on television was in the 1970s, at the feet of Giovani Roccotelli, Ascoli player. In 2007, the first “famous” rabona: Andrés Vázquez, a Peruvian player who wears the jersey of IFK Göteberg from Sweden, scored a goal as a rabona from outside the area. In less than a week it reached a million views on Youtube.

In Argentina, the rabona’s flag bearer is Claudio Borghi. Maradona has celebrities too. From Messi I don’t remember many. Yes, Di María’s goal for Benfica isindelible in 2009: first he pays the defender of AEK with a beautiful spout and then he punks the 2 to 1 with the magic pirouette.

Matías Urbano, an Argentine player of San Felipe de Chile, was also in history for scoring two goals of rabona in consecutive games (a fact of which there are no precedents). And finally, Jonathan Calleri‘s, in 2015 for deportes/por-que-se-le-dice-xeneize-al-hincha-de-boca "target="_blank” rel="noreferrer noopener” aria-label="mouth (opens in a new tab)

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