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The Liga Mendocina, pioneer in quarantine

The mother of football in Mendoza suspended the activity much earlier than the rest. But how does quarantine impact the
Liga Mendocina
| 29 March, 2020 |

The Mendocina Football League had set to launch the local championship on Friday 13 of March; however, two days before the start, all activities were suspended for at least the following 15 days. And, while the resumption of the tournament is one of its concerns, have also put special focus on helping clubs overcome the setback the cost of quarantine.

The president of the League, Carlos Suraci, boasts that he was a pioneer in deciding that football should stop, even though the recommendation of the Argentine Football Association and the Federal Council was, at that time, to play behind closed doors. It is that the statement from the Liga Mendocinaarrived on March 11. Days more, days less, the AFA was forcing national football to be played, but without an audience. Later, the Association that brings together national football, respecting the quarantine, ended up decreing the same thing as the Mendocina League: suspended football in all its forms, with or without people.

Same problem as all

However, more beyond the right decision, the Mendocina Football League knows that this will cause economic damage to the clubs. It should be explained that clubs Mendoza barely have any income from the sponsorship that can be made by the warehouses in the neighborhood. And, in addition to that, the contribution of the quotas is added . But of course, during quarantine, sponsoring businesses can’t maintain the contribution, while, on the other hand, because the clubs are closed, also do not receive the income from the assessed contributions.

In the light of this situation, football in Mendoza is waiting for the decisions that can be made by the Government. They await, eagerly, the response of the authorities to the request effected: exempted or extended payment for electricity, water, gas and different taxes so that you can stay on your feet, waiting for the ball roll again, after quarantine.

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