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River and its history: Part 7

In this installment, we arrive at the moment when “The Machine” begins to win everything, getting into the history not
| 01 December, 2019 |

We continue with the story of River, dear readers. I take this opportunity to thank the comments in support of this series of notes and to clarify, because someone else threw the fight at me, that over time we will publish that of the rest of the clubs, both of thefirst division and of the promotion (the next one, to calm the anxieties of the xeneize readers, will be about Mouth).

We had left River champion of everything in 1941 and with Moreno, Pedernera and Labruna as top scorers and players. But only in 1942 was the last nut added to the Machine when Félix Lousteaudebuts. The most famous team of all time was complete: Juan Carlos Muñoz, José Manuel Moreno, Adolfo Pedernera, Ángel Labruna and the recently mentioned Félix Lousteau played from half thepitch forward. There is a sixth member who sometimes does not have the place he deserves, who was the first substitute, the one who entered when one of the five was very tired or had some discomfort: Aristobulus Deambrossi.

The Machine from River starts to win everything

The consolidated machine would win the bicampeonate with a special seasoning. In the first round he would beat Boca 4-0 in the Monumental, but the title was defined in La Bombonera. And River needed at least one point and Boca was 2-0. Averaging the second half he would stay with one man less: from the rostrum of Boca they threw a projectile (some say a horseshoe) that hit Yacono, forcing him to leave the playing field. River had made all the changes. However, with only 10 players he managed to tie the match: not only was he two-time champion on the opponent’s court, but he did not lose the undefeated. That Olympic lap was remembered for a long time.

That year, the glorious 1942, they would also have the tournament scorer (Pedernera) and win the Ibarguren Cup. In 1943, they would be within a point of the champion, frustrating what would have been the first three-time champion of Argentine football. In 1944, the wildest capitalism begins to bleed our clubs: Moreno, considered the best player in the world, is going to play Mexico. When Moreno left, they were first to 4 points ahead. The low hit footballically and emotionally: they lost a priori “easy” points and finished seconds. It wasn’t that bad either. But we had to be careful: “The Machine” was threatening to start disarming.

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