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Historians arrived at Gymnastics and Tyre

Gymnastics and Tiro de Salta has reason to dream of a great season: its new leadership will be made up
Gimnasia y Tiro de Salta
| 29 January, 2020 |

In Gymnastics and Shooting of Salta reigns silence and uncertainty regarding the panorama for the Regional Amateur 2020. Although there is still a long way to go, already that the tournament would start the last week of January or the first week of February, there are doubts. Many doubts that contrast with the certainties emanating from the institutional. One certainty is that Marcelo Mentesana will remain the head of the officialism. In the same list that was made and that has as great absent Juan Carlos Ibire. The latter was the one who left the club for disagreements as to the role he intended to play. Ibire’s desire was to be the first vice president.

It’s time for elections in the club, it was given what everything seemed to happen: Mentesana won. The official team will continue to command Gymnastics and Shooting for two more years. Now it remains to become official to set up the football subcommittee. This will be the one who will have to choose the new technical director of the professional team and who will have the enormous challenge of fighting for the promotion.

This time, unlike previous seasons in the club, the decision table will have opening to former footballers emblems of the club.

The historical

One of them is Sergio. Plaza, who on Tuesday officially ends its functions as Secretary of Sports of the province. It was also added as a reinforcement to the official list as the fifth titular vocal in the club. Mauricio Chaneton, former footballer and lawyer, is the one who will hold the post of assistant secretary. Juan Parentis would also again be an active part of the armed forces of the football.

With names of the club’s kidney, the expectations of Gymnastics and Shooting for the next season take another intensity. The presence of in leadership implies greater responsibility, directly proportional to the fan’s desire to ascend.

Source: El Tribuno

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