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Football violence: we are now rivals, but not enemies

Noodles and pirates plot to beat football violence by goleada. From inside the court and outside, players change the play.
Tallarines y piratas se complotan para ganarle por goleada a la violencia futbolística
| 08 October, 2019 |

Football violence is a classic in the Argentine sports world. Sometimes players against players, sometimes against referees and, almost always, bloated against bloated. It is already repeated figure that in the hottest matches there are injuries or repression. The superclassic Talleres-Belgranois no exception. The matches of La T against Pirata Cordobés have an important history of violent episodes. The bloated, blinded by passion, came to cause forgetable clashes. Throughout the matches, there were different incidents that left fans from both sides injured. However, the drop that overflowed the glass was the death of Emanuel Balbo (22), the Pirate‘s fan. That’s why lately the managers and players of the two clubs took cards in the matter.


In recent matches, there were campaigns to raise awareness about football violence. After the tragedy, many of the players demonstrated sending peaceful messages of friendship with their rivals. Through photos and videos, the players encouraged the fans to lower a change. This was part of a program called “We are not enemies”, which emerged as a demonstration against football violence. This program had repercussions both on and off the court. Within the framework of this project, a photographic exhibition was carried out in the center of the city. And, in one of the matches of 2018, pirates and noodles entered the court together.

Between rivalry and companionship While rivalry does not dissolve, companionship between these clubs is growing. And the campaigns that bet on a new football, without machismo, violence or tragic endings are becoming more and more. We Cordoba join in healthy competition and fair play. The shirt that we wear has as its rival football violence. And gradually we form a team that plays against the injustices of the sports world. We are more and more, and we invite you to participate. Don’t stay in the bank…

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