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A Japanese in Avellaneda

Ryota Saito is a Japanese who traveled to Argentina to see the team of his loves: Racing Club. We tell
Ryota Saito es un japonés que viajó hasta la Argentina
26 January, 2020

Passions are not explained. They happen. They invade you and stay inside. They grow, they expand. How else could we understand, if not, the story of this Japanese who traveled 30 hours , from Kyoto to Avellaneda , just to watch a game of Racing. Unexplained passion.

Ryota Saito, from a distance, fell in love withThe Academy. Just like that. When asked for the reasons, he said that one day he discovered that Racing’s colors matched those of his Japanese club, Kawasaki Frontale, and he had no doubt: that would be his team in Argentina.

That’s how he decided to travel to Buenos Aires Aires to fulfill your dream: watch a match will your club in the Cylinder . It went against Banfield and ended up in a draw, but Ryota didn’t care. It’s left fascinated with the stadium, with the people and with the city.

The Japanese says that, since he met Racing, he knew he wanted to get to know South America and, in particular, Argentina. So much is the love you feel for the club that studied Spanish autonomously through tutorials. And not only that: he says that, when he finishes his studies, he would like to live in the country.

It’s just that, when passion rules, it doesn’t matter the 30 hours or the 18,700 kilometers. There is that moment and place that justify everything.

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