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Thank you “Legui”!

He retired one of the great “Pumas” in history. And not just because of his large physical size. “Legui.” A
Se retiró uno de los grandes
| 09 October, 2019 |

The Japan World Cup was not one more in the race of many of “The Cougars”. Both staff members and staff members. One of them is the Santiago Juan Manuel “Legui” Leguizamón. He announced that the match against the United States was the last of his career with the Argentina jersey.

The Santiago Lawn Tennis man, with his way through European rugby , made his debut in 2005. In the old stadium of Buenos Aires & Cricket and Rugby Club, facing Japan (68-36). He made one of nine tries in the “Los Coumas” goalada. And he coincided on the team with Agustín Creevy. That day he also played his first match in the National Team.

With 87 caps he will equal Felipe Contepomi as second player in the history of Los Pumas. He overcame the line of Lisandro Arbizu and Rolando Martin. And he was behind Agustín Creevy, who will close this World Cup with 89.

The seasons 2007 and 2016 were the ones that played the most with the shirt “Los pumas”. In both, he took 10 tests.

In his campaign with the national shirt he made thirteen tries. And he was pleased to score the three powers of the South and three teams of the Six Nations. The detail of the 13 conquests was as follows: he scored two against New Zealand, South Africa and Namibia. And one against Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Romania and Chile.

He participated in four World Cup (2007, 2011, 2015 and 2019), in which he played 15 matches. Together with Agustín Creevy, they share fifth place among those who played the most in World Cups, with 15 matches. He played six in 2007, five in 2011, three in 2015 and one in 2019.

With the national shirt he achieved 23 victories and was captain three times. Against England, Italy and Ireland, at the international window in November 2013.

“ These last few days have been hard, with too many things in my head, too many feelings.” He explained “Legui”.

Then “Legui” added: “It is a real pleasure to debut in a World Cup. It’s very important to me, because of the human relationships that have been generated. It ends an extremely successful cycle for my life, beyond the results. I fulfilled a dream. I’m just a thankful of life and it’s a pleasure to have had this possibility. I’m a lucky one of the things I’ve had to live in these 15 years at the service of “The Cougars”.

“ Playing with the “The Cougars” shirt is all the motivation you need. Always, all my life I dreamed of living moments like I was touched, the anthem, or the matches. I was given from Santiago del Estero – his city – to receive this call to be Puma”. He closed “Legui”.

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