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Rugby of Córdoba: total protagonist

Félix Páez Molina, president of the Cordoban Rugby Union, took stock and brought forward what the South American League will
| 07 February, 2020 |

Félix Páez Molina speaks with passion, with conviction, with emphasis. The president of the Cordoban Rugby Union is satisfied with what has been done and enthusiastic about what is coming for rugby in Córdoba. Páez Molina knows that the oval never stops and expresses each project, completed or to be fulfilled.

What are the results of the Cordoba Rugbistic Year?

It was intense. He ended up with a very even, very competitiveFirst Division championship. That allowed us to reach the Tournament of the Interior by winning a place, which for us is very important. Because for this year, Córdoba will have four places in the Interior A. And a share of sadness we could not have a greater participation in the National Club.

In the Primera tournament, the closing was more positive than last year.

In It was a great party in Alta Gracia. With a lot of attendance, a lot good level rugby, and above all Quiet on and off the court.

This positive balance includes the historic presence of four Cordoba with Los Pumas at the World Cup in Japan.

Sure, that speaks of a job that’s been done for six years. At the end of 2013, in Córdoba he started working on a strategic plan. One of the objectives was to have a greater presence at the national level. Today we find that Córdoba has four players in Los Pumas, five in Pumas 7 and a coach in the nationalteam.

Has the entire rugby in Córdoba been brought together, or is there a debt outstanding?

The 2020 plan was a success, almost all of the goals we set ourselves back in 2013 were met. One of them was to join the rugby of Córdoba. The plan sends the direction of the rugby of Córdoba. Regarding the game, four Pumas, five in seven, one coach, women’s rugby… today Córdoba is the one with the most development in women’s rugby and with many projects for next year.

One of the goals was to bring rugby to the whole province, was it achieved?

Totally, we’ve been very close to that. In 2014 there were 22 clubs in the Cordobesa Union and today there are more than 70 clubs. In almost every city, rugby is played .

If we had to talk about points in which we still need to improve…

That’s one. The development of clubs, especially in the middle strip. Today we have a well-constituted Super 8 or Super 9. But after 10, 11, 17 or 18, where the Union must have much more presence than it is now. So that you can have tomorrow a Super 12 a Super 16 very even, very competitive.

What about the selected ones?

It’s been two years since the Argentino de Elderly has been played. With some unions we are trying to generate windows for 2020 so that matches can be played again. For us the Dogo brand is important. In 2018, with the Doguitos we had a great year, we were runners-up.

What are the prospects for this year?

Cordoba has to be the protagonist in everything. This year, he must be champion. Córdoba is currently the second union in the country. We must continue to professionalise each area, the Union is healthy, but we must continue to work hard.

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