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With the participation of Gonzalo Bertranou in Japan 2019, there are already 7 Mendoza who have played a World Cup
| 01 February, 2020 |

Mendoza has never managed to position itself as a national reference in rugby. However, from time to time, there are some exceptions to the rule that we are proud of. That’s seven in total. They are the players from Mendoza who once put on the t-shirt of the Pumas and played a World Cup. Although there is a capado, which played a World Cup, but not precisely for our selection .

The first Rugby World Cup was played in 1987. In that There was no participation in mendocine. To find her we must go back to four years later. In 1991, Federico Méndez played two games for the Pumas. This would be the beginning of a long career in the Argentine national team for Fede, who also played the top competitions in 1995 and 2003.

Federico Mendez

Roberto Grau is the second case. After being out of the list in 1995, he was pleased to to compete for the Wales event in 1999, and in Australia, in 2003. But in Wales, Grau wasn’t alone. Miguel Ruiz played 3 matches in that World Cup.

Years later, in 2007, Eusebio Guiñazú lost, a priori, the World Cup in France. Not However, Mario Ledesma’s injury allowed him to join the team to play a few minutes of the match for third place in front of the locals.

Eusebio Guiñazú – Los Pumas

In New Zealand 2011 there was a particular situation. That Argentine rugby team did not have Mendoza in their ranks. However, a player from our province played that world, but for Italy. This is about Gonzalo Garcia. In addition, he played in 2015 as well, where he scored a try for the tans.

Gonzalo García (Argentine) – Italian National Team

Back to the Mendoza in the Pumas, we stand in England 2015. There, Juan Pablo Orlandi played 3 matches for the national cast, reaching the semifinals and scoring the last Argentine try in the competition, against South Africa.

Juan Pablo Orlandi – The Pumas

The latest

Finally, Gonzalo Bertranou represented Mendoza in the best way at this year’s World Cup. After not being chosen from the initial list, signalled by an injury he had previously suffered, the scrum medium was summoned for the injury of Tomás Cubelli . Gonza scored the last t

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