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The Clause Cleoris Manfre makes history in La Rioja

Puntana by adoption, Cleoris Manfre becomes the first woman to reach a podium in the Argentine Championship of Navigation.
Cleoris Manfre se convierte en la primera mujer en alcanzar un podio
19 November, 2019

The fifth and final date of the Argentine Championship of Navigation in La Rioja took place. The N3 category took all the eyes, because it had for the first time a woman who climbed on the podium as a pilot. Cleoris Manfre, born in Mendoza, has been living in San Luisfor a decade , it’s practically a tip for adoption .

Cleoris Manfre is a teacher of Physical Education and, as she was to be expected, a fan of iron. His career as a pilot began ago three years and, at the end of his first season, came fifth and seventh in the second season.

The dream of becoming a racing driver is a privilege that few can afford because it is a very expensive sport. Issues economic reasons made the tip could not run this year. However, something changed and Manfre was able to show up on the last date of CanAV.

The fifth and final date of CanAV was run in the city of Chepes, La Rioja. The start of the competition was a test and knowledge stage for Cleoris Manfre. The runner had to adapt to her truck and also to her new navigator, Ramiro Corvalán. With some filming Manfre won the second stage, something that reached to finish third the competition.

This is a historical fact because she is the first woman to climb on the podium as a pilot. In addition, Manfre is the only woman to command a vehicle in the CanAV. There are other women in the competition, but in the role of sailors.

The big goal

The focus of Cleoris Manfre is aiming at 2020. The South American Rally Racewill take place in February next year. It is one of the most important races in America and will be the first important date for sailing pilots after the Dakar 2020 in Saudi Arabia.

The goal is difficult, but Cleoris Manfre has every faith in being able to get the money needed for registration. The work done by the puntana is lung, and he hopes to get the resources with the help of relatives and the arrival of some sponsor. Now she will continue to train with the illusion of being in the start of that race, something that would be unforgettable for her.

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