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Oh, Ringo

The legend is so big, it's enough to say Ringo to know who we're talking about. He was a mythical
ringo bonavena
| 25 September, 2019 |

The legend is so big, it’s enough to say Ringo to know who we’re talking about.

Oscar Natalio Bonavena was born on September 25, in Boedo. He was a hurricane fan and there he started as an amateur. He was a mythical boxer, although he was not a world champion.

Ringo was a big inside the ring. 68 fights won and only 9 lost. He fought the huge Floyd Patterson and beat him. Count Jimmy Ellis. Frasier threw it twice. Madison Square Garden. He fought Muhammad Ali and almost threw him away. They put 71 rating points in the transmission (today, Tinelli does not reach 25). He was considered the third best boxer of his time. Ali said his fight was one of the toughest of his life.

He started in Hurricane in 1964, and immediately went to the United States to fight. A visionary. He returned and was crowned heavy-weight Argentine champion soon. No less than Goyo Peralta. They blew up Luna Park. Then he alternated fights here and in the northern country.

Ringo was a big guy outside the ring. As media as Ali himself. He was a mythical character. Worship. A big number of famous phrases. Like, “Outside the ring, they’re all pretty, but when they take out the bench, you’re all alone.” Or “Experience is a comb you get when you’re peeled.” There are T-shirts and decals with his face. Many current rock bands that gave him songs. Books and a movie. Palito Ortega made him a song. “The pious peep”; for his finite voice. He shared the Maipo billboard with vedettes. It was the cover of “Gente” when “Gente” sold 750 thousand copies a week. She had a TV show (“The Ravioles of Doña Dominga”; her mom), on channel 11 (TELEFE).

He retired in 1974 in Reno. He fought with a prisoner, who was a boxer, of course. And he came handcuffed to the stadium.

In Reno they also removed him from life

The plot is complicated. I’ll make it simple, but pay attention. In 1975, Ringo signed a contract with a Puerto Rican developer in Buenos Aires. Joe Montano. Montano transferred the contract to Joe Conforte. Conforte owned a luxury brothel in Reno. The Mustang Bridge Ranch. That he was sponsored by a gangster, Lou Bonanno, with the idea of Reno competing with Las Vegas… Now Conforte owned Ringo’s contract. Ringo made a fight. But he didn’t like the organization. According to a friend, people ate in the ring side. And he smoked. It was full of prostitutes. It wasn’t a fighting environment.

But Conforte was imprisoned and everything was in the hands of his mistress, Sally. Somehow, maybe from Ringo, Sally learned about our famous pugil’s discontent. So, he gave him $7,000 and married him to one of his “girls.” So Ringo could access nationality. Which wasn’t easy back then. But the 24-year-old girl was Ross Brymer’s girlfriend. The comfort bodyguard. A piece of crap, who was not only ex-con and ex-boxer, but envied R

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