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There is no doubt that everything Diego Armando Maradona touches becomes gold. It's Maramidas. Wherever you go. Whatever you do.
No se puede dudar de que todo lo que toca Diego Armando Maradona se convierte en oro
| 10 September, 2019 |

Diego was the king of football. For some, history. Not for others. Maybe there were or there are others, like Messi. But that he was king, is indisputable. A magician king who gave us eternal emotions. Today it’s Maramidas.

Just look at everything that happens around Gymnastics and Fencing of La Plata since it was rumored to be a Technical Director.

The business of Maramidas

We start coming from the hand of Rep. Diego Bragarnik. A controversial figure at least. Of unhonorable relations in the United States, according to the chroniclers. The same guy who took him to Dorados.

There are even accounts that his arrival would be a political coup by Cristina Kirchner… That she puts the money. Bragarnik says it.

Apparently, there are already new sponsors and other very strong international sponsors, negotiating.

Species confirmed, three blocks in line to become members of the club. Gymnastics leadership, quick reflexes, set up a plan for defaulters. He printed some special t-shirts, honoring the arrival of “The Ten.” They sold out in hours.

Your technical staff is not yet ready to settle. There were a thousand five hundred and forty-seven names thrown into the air of companions. And versions of how and when he’s going to train. Recall that he comes out of a complicated knee operation and that he almost did not walk before. Whether he’s going to live in La Plata, in a hotel. Or a country. Or in both places…

The presentation made show

At the presentation, “El Diego” did not deprive himself of anything. He gave his enemy “La witch” Verón a stick. President of the eternal rival, enmaged with Maramidas years ago. He was greeted by Cristina Kirchner‘s sister. He got excited to tears.

Diego had ups and downs as a coach. In the historia/voto-femenino-como-fue-la-primera-vez-que-las-mujeres

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