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“La Peque” Pareto: a living legend

We present Paula “La Peque” Pareto, who got into history by becoming the first Argentine woman to win an Olympic
| 29 January, 2020 |

From these pages we propose to pay tribute to the women athletes of our country who make the blue and white flame high producing pride and emotion (you can see the first installment by clicking in this link). All the women we mentioned in this series of notes changed the history of Argentine sport (and, consequently, the history of our country to a certain extent) and, in many cases, as in the protagonist of this note, changed the history of its discipline worldwide . Let’s get to know a little more about Paula “La Peque” Pareto.

Paula was born in San Fernando, Province of Buenos Aires, in January 1986. She started practicing judo from a very young age representing Estudiantes de La Plata and always combined it with an active life in other senses (she also had time to receive herself as a doctor, as if it were a message to all ofus, mere mortals, who say we don’t have time to go to the gym twice a week).

The small medals begin to rain

The medals were soon to arrive: bronzeat the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, world championin 2015 and gold medalat the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. This last title turned her into the first Argentine woman to be an Olympic champion and the first Argentine athlete to win two medals Olympic Games in individual disciplines. What we used to say before: living history.

But luckily (no is always the case), “La Peque” already enjoyed some recognition to local level: in 2010 he had received Konex of Platinum as best sportsman of the decade 2001-2010 and in 2015 he had delivered the Golden Olympia to the best sportsman of the year.

His record does not end there: he participated in three Summer Olympics, adding a bronze medal, a fifth place diploma and the 2008 gold medal. In addition, at the Pan American Games he won a silver, a gold and a bronze medal, three more medals at the World Judo Championship and a DOCE (yes, twelve) at the Pan American Judo Championship. What they say, quite a legend. Sometimes I wonder if one day we will value our athletes the same way we do with their male peers. If Pareto were a boy, do you think he’d be on another step of popular recognition? I leave you the question, each one of you seek your answer .

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