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Juan Martin Del Potro

Juan Martín Del Potro did not stop giving us joy to those who love tennis. If it weren't for the
Juan Martín Del Potro no paró de darnos alegrías a los que amamos el tenis
| 23 September, 2019 |

Juan Martín, or “Delpo” is one of the best tennis players of the history Argentina. I think, being so tall, he gets injuries than others. Notennis players . And it’s a real shame that he suffered so many, because he could have been bigger than he is. It’s a lot.

Juan Martín started playing tennis in his native Tandil at 7. Strange about Tandil. A windy city that has formed so many talented “white sport”. There were made “Peak” Monaco, “Black” Zabaleta, Guille and Mariana Pérez Roldán, “Machi” González, Patricia Tarabini, Diego Junqueira. Maybe Raúl’s school, Mariana and Guille’s dad have a lot to do with it. But that’s another note.

Let’s go back to Delpo. At 20 he became the first Argentineplayer to win four consecutive tournaments as a debutant. He got his second best win streak. Which was the best among teenagers in the Open Era of the ATP, after Rafael Nadal. A crack, a little bit.

In 2009, that is, a year later, he achieved the greatest success of his life. He won the US Open. He went to the great Roger, in an incredible finale. He became the third Argentine to win it, after master Guillermo Vilas and Gaby Sabatini. And the fourth Argentine to win a Grand Slam, after them and “El gato” Gaudio. Roger would win the Masters 1000 again. by Indian Wells, in 2018.


the team level, it gave us the satisfaction of winning a lot too. Bronze at the Olympics

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