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José Meolans, synonym of Argentine swimming

José Meolans is synonymous with Argentine swimming and, as a reference, tells us what sports reality is like in Argentina.


José Meolans is Cordoba and a reference in the national sport. His word is authority to analyze the present and especially how he imagines his sport and the country in 2030.

“ I imagine Cordoba and Argentina in the hope that it will be better. Looking for a constant evolution of the performance of athletes, of physical spaces. As for the infrastructure that is commensurate for the development of each of the athletes. It also means getting better. Hopefully, 10 years from now we can see growth in sport from every point of view. Not only in terms of the number of medals that can be obtained in a competition, but also in terms of the training of the sport. As a society, I mean . To have better people within our community,” Meolansanalyzed.

Is training the key?

It is vital. It's a message I always try to leave. We have to be good sportsmen: Yeah, yeah. But fundamentally we have to be better people. And towards that we have to go. Towards better education, with more respect, with more tolerance, with more principles, with more values. Angle much more moral... To understand that those who will try to instill that are the teachers and us as parents too. Work from home. That power it up. with education and with sport.

Did preparedness, infrastructure and training from your beginnings to the present day?

Something has been improved. And there's a lot to do. And when we do this, we start with comparisons. We say why that country can and Argentina can't. But little by little we're... This is what I say, I join because I try to contribute my own from my experience and contribute as much as I can. I understand that little by little, at very small steps, we are making quality jumps. I have no doubt there are excellent coaches. With suitability, with capacity, to generate new athletes. And Argentina has a lot of raw material to exploit in that sense.

The work is long and you have to know how to sustain it in time. Do not rush into a maelstrom that there is permanent wanting to generate immediate results. That is something that many times in sport does not exist and when it happens leads to the disappointment of many athletes. We have to think of many years, of athletes with a long service life.

Are you a consulting man?

I do. I tell from my experience and the experiences I have had to spend. Sometimes. are obvious issues that are seen with common sense. And others that can contribute from the other side. I haven't been called much since politics. But I always say I'm at the foot of the cannon so I can collaborate. I am passionate to the sport. And I don't see myself anywhere else here at a time away from this scope. I feel comfortable, I like it, I understand that I can add. I do have a relationship. with a lot of coaches, with sports leaders as well. With whom a through that link I have a direct contact and it's good to listen. And it is Try a little bit of that. To know how to listen.

What should I do 10 years from now to have a better society?

“ I'd go for priorities. For education, for health and safety. These are very important points to take into account within society. And also that we have more tolerance as people. May

Publication Date: 02/01/2020

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