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It couldn’t have been for “The Lions.”

On the final date of the FIH Pro League played in home condition, those led by Germán Orozco fell by
Los Leones, dirigidos por Germán Orozco cayeron por un ajustado 2 a 1 ante Australia.
09 May, 2019

The Lions said goodbye with a bitter taste, but with the peace of mind of having given everything to Australia, the rival they faced this Saturday at the CeNard for a new FIH Pro League date. It was the last one at home and although they could not add up to three, the attitude persisted until the end.

During the first half was more the Australian team, which with greater aggressiveness and collective play managed to put the balance in their favor. At nine minutes came the first short corner for the visit, but the Argentine bow remained at zero until the close of the first quarter when Blake Govers capitalized the second fixed move with a powerful drag.

In the second period Australia had two short corners, but failed to make a profit from them. Only in the complement Argentina put his foot on the accelerator and at 37 minutes he had the first short. Served, dragged by Pedro Ibarra and request for video review that finally favored the rival. At 40 he struck again the oceanic combo that stretched the difference through Corey Weyer as a result of a collective play.

At 52 came the respite with the discount of Maico Casella who diverted a center sent by Juan Martín López. From there he was all from Argentina, who took Juan Manuel Vivaldi and added a field player two minutes away. Despite the efforts, the team failed to force the draw or alter the final scorer.

With this result, the Lions march fifth in the overall table, with nine games played and a percentage of 48.15 (%) below Holland when there are still five dates left to be played – as a visitor – and thus define the four teams that will play the Final Four at the end of July in Holland.

Argentina formed with: Juan Manuel Vivaldi; Juan Manual Lopez, Pedro Ibarra, Juan Ignacio Catan; Santiago Tarazona, Ignacio Ortiz, Agustín Bugallo, Federico Fernández; Martín Ferreiro, Matías Paredes and Maico Casella. Then they entered: Federico Nun, Tomás Bettaglio, Isidoro Ibarra, Nicolás Acosta, Thomas Habif and Lucas Toscani.



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