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Is the world over?

Let me say no. That life is something else. Especially if processes are being initiated. The world is not over.
Dejame decirte que no. Que la vida es otra cosa. Sobre todo, si se están iniciando procesos. No se acaba el mundo.
19 June, 2019

Both in males and in women, Argentine football teams play their continuity on this date. If they lose, the world ends?

It is good that in a large majority, we come from Italian mammas and Yiddishe mames. We exaggerate beyond the extremes. It’s all tremendous. We seem to live in a Mexican novel.

But for Argentina, it is time to stop being and behave like teenagers. Oh, really. That’s enough. We have to grow up, once and for all.

As in every competition, we reactivate our infatuation with the National Team. Be it football or ping pong. We’re the best in the world, until he loses. And there we go, without scale, to the worst. And we all know what should have been done. Like babies.

Oh, well. If they lose the girls, they’ve already achieved something that’s never been achieved. That’s a great start or start. Successes are built slowly. Otherwise, they’re fictitious. Like castles of cards. It’s something we don’t understand. But it would be about time…

If the boys lose, the world doesn’t end either. The unreal one in which some live, well; yes. But the real thing, to get up the next day and understand that there are really important things, doesn’t end. Go on.

The boys are starting a process. Get out of here. Do you understand? Get out of here. It’ll be until the World Cup next. That if we don’t win, it’s not death. After all, it’s a sports competition.

It’s okay to get a little fanatize. Above all, from passion and feeling. But up there. That can’t obnuble you.

Let’s not lose the focus of life.

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