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Golden heirs

The “Golden Generation” has its golden heirs. A team to fill us with enthusiasm looking to Sunday and the future.
| 13 September, 2019 |

It always happens that when a glorious generation appears (such as the “Golden Generation“), the next generation is lazy. Like a sport can’t hold the level. Or he’ll get tired. It happened with “The Legion” in tennis. The Mouth of Oh, Bianchi. The lionessesis still an ongoing process. It didn’t happen, thank God, in the basket. The “Golden Generation” seems to have heirs. Golden heirs.

After beating Serbia, a tough rival, the basketball team beat their French pair in the World Cup. He beat the cuckoo. And so he agreed to the final. Now comes Spain. With which we have a negative record.

It’s amazing to see the mystical intact. Hernandez has a lot to do with that, surely. They’re mentally prepared to win. Very prepared. It is not surprising in Scola; it is astonished that he maintains his level, at 39 years old. Against France put 10 points in the first quarter. And 28 in total. An animal.

Incredible, as in the whole championship, Campazzo. He drives and proves he’s for the NBA. Cracks Redivo, Laprovittola, Deck, Garino. The Golds sealed a victory, which in the third quarter was unappealable, with authority. It was 80-68. Beat it. With “Manu” Ginóbili and Tony Parker on the court. Congratulations from Macri and Messi. And the celebrities who don’t even have a ball in the basket, but they win some press.

They put us in the third final of a World Cup in our history. The previous two were at Luna Park vs USA in 1950 (win) and Indianapolis vs Yugoeslavia in 2002 (defeat). The third, how will it be? With the golden heirs it is worth to be illusioned. For the World Cup, for the Olympic Games. And for the future.

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