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Fabricio Oberto, Cordoba talent

The trajectory of Fabricio Oberto is impeccable. We take a tour of its history and tell you its triumphs and
Fabricio Oberto, talento cordobés
| 06 November, 2019 |

The Cordovan began his career at only 17 years old. In 1992, he had the courage and security to get tested in Athens. And it was. That same year, Fabricio Oberto started with his plays and did not stop making triples. He received several awards and was recognized as the most valuable player in the National League. Another of his triumphs was the Diploma of Merit of the Konex Awards. He went through several clubs, and came to fulfill the dream of the kid: the Argentine National Team.


the age of 20 he debuted on the parquet, carrying the sky blue and white. And he became a big basketball player. Fabricio Oberto is a national pride with a Cordovan tune. For some health problems related to cardiac arrhythmia, he decided to retire after several years of triumph and sweat. Between going and going to the court, ended his basketball career in 2010.

With the Argentine national team won endless medals: from Gold at the Pan-American Games (1955), the FIBA Americas Championship (2001 and 2011), the Athens Olympic Games (2004) and the FIBA Diamond Ball (2008). He also received Silver medals at FIBA Americas (2003 and 1995) and at the Basketball World Cup 2002. With a lot of passion Oberto managed to win not only these medals, but the love of all the swollen. And, in addition, he was very loved in each of the teams for which It happened.

Fabricio Oberto is the Cordoba ofthegolden age of basketball. With Manu Ginóbili, Scola, Delfino and Pepe Sánchez, among others, they gave us hope. And they gave us epic recuerdosand notes.

The B side of the basketball player

Fabricio Oberto didn’t just live off the orange ball. Its triples and doubles were also reflected in other areas. The Cordovan also has a passion for music and had his own music band. Lover of guitar and locution , Oberto took a shower in the art of communicating. He participated in the Mediterranean Beasts in the Vorterix. He even had his own TV! Oberto side was transmitted on cable signal by TyC Sports. He currently leads Generation NBA by DeportV. And also comments matches together with other colleagues.

You didn’t expect it, did you? Fabricio Oberto constantly amaze us with his different skills and charisma. We Argentines have an Oberto Lado in our heart, and despite its removal from the parquet we follow it everywhere.

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