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Emilio Satriano

Satriano is one of Chevrolet's historic standard-bearers. Place it occupies and won on the basis of triumphs and emotions. A
Satriano es uno de los abanderados históricos de Chevrolet
| 25 June, 2019 |

“ The Bishop” Satriano is one of the greatest pilots that has given the TC, “The maxim”, in all its history.

He still holds the record of being the last driver to win 4 races in a row. The Four on the Line. A record that takes almost 29 years. Unbelievable. Balcarce, Lobos, Bahía Blanca and Olavarría. That’s it. Line up.

It was Chevrolet number 4 in 1990. With the mark that saw him born and retire from the TC, with an impressive race. 310 races (the fourth with the most presences in the history of the category), 86 podiums and 27 victories. One championship (1990) and two runners-up (1985 and 1998).

But the large numbers of the Chevrolet flag bearer are not limited to “The Maximum”. Satriano made his debut in the Citroen Semiprepared in 1970. The following year he won the first of the 5 championships at the thread in the category. In 77 he moved to Turismo Class B, where he was runner-up in his second year.

In the 80 he arrived at the TC, with his brother, his lifelong trainer. Another big one. Already in 1981 he won his first race, in the semi-permanent Tandil. And from there on, a 20-year race that made him recognized as the great driver he was.

The most outstanding sportsman born in Olavarría. It’s no small thing. On top of that, he’s a humble guy. Measured. Let’s just say his career was up to the wonderful human being he is. Thank you so much, Satriano.

Illustration courtesy of Daniel Sonzini.

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