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Doing what needs to be done

After the defeat to France, “The cougars” did what had to be done. They will have to follow this path
Los pumas vencieron a Tonga y además, obtuvieron el punto bonus
| 02 October, 2019 |

The cougarsbeat Tonga and also obtained the bonus point sought. They did what had to be done. In a World Cup that, with the defeat to France in the first albiceleste presentation, appears complicated classification.


had to win against France, if we were based on logic. Which indicates that England is going to qualify first. And that we and the Gauls will win each other against Tonga and the USA. But we lost. Just over there.

Now, in the second presentation, we beat Tonga and got the bonus. That it will be necessary to repeat before the U.S. And see what happens. It’ll be something else to do.

“ The cougars” did not show much to Tonga. They did what had to be done. But they improved over the match against France. They committed fewer infractions. Which, it’s logical. But it was done. It is one of the outstanding assignments of this and all selected national. Commit fewer infractions. At that level, you can’t afford that luxury. They pay dearly. Very expensive. They are one of the few differences that separate “The cougars” from the two or three best.

Against England, we will have to improve even more. It’s not impossible. You can. The players are already beating the match. And they’re confident. Good point. Trust is very important. Then we’ll have to get up well. Be in full. Concentrate the 80 minutes. And do what needs to be done. Claw and tackle. What the cougars know best. Put the heart.

Whatever the outcome of this World Cup, there is another improvement in the team. Already from the technical direction of “El tano” Loffreda, “Los cougas” have been improving. Slowly. But without pause. Fourcade’s stage was good too. Ledesma seems to be following in the footsteps. And with a team reconversion in the middle. It’s not a small thing.

Soon we will see our team on a step higher. The tallest. In this World Cup we got a very brave group. You have to see how the team gets out of so much pressure. It’ll be one thing to get better. Or to keep.

Meanwhile, “The Cougars,” they do what needs to be done.

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