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Defeat of “The Giants”

In the AmericUp, “The Giants” couldn't fight Brazil. Despite the final result, the Albiceleste takes several positive news of the
En la AmeriCup,
| 26 September, 2019 |

Knowing the caliber of Brazil, “The giants” came out to defend hard. And they loaded with faults quickly. But they met the first part of the work, not allowing clear shots. The other half made a difference. Because the green yellow-green juice out of the offensive bounces. Generating a small light with second chance points. Delabarba’s good income made up the initial period.

The second quarter was an ordeal. Not being able to score field shots in the entire partial, with a 0/7 in triples, caused Brazil to decree a 14-0. With a mastering control of the boards to escape before midtime. At long rest, the marker indicated a liar 27-12.

Argentina entered with a different attitude and rhythm. Damaging Brazil with Andrea Boquete (scorer with 10) and Agostina Burani. The answer of the “canarinha” was pure triple (key Patty Teixeira with 4/5 3pts). Burning any plan to the Albiceleste. Although Leo Costa’s did their best offensive partial, the cariocas were also extremely effective in stretching the difference.

In the last boy the South American champions raised the defense. Trying to overwhelm the Brazilians from the start. But another furious run commanded by Clarissa Dos Santos cooled “The Giants”. In addition, the centimeter difference of Erika De Souza became uncontrollable. Liquidating any illusion of ridding. Brazil was more, but no doubt Leo Costa will be able to draw positive aspects of the 49-76 final.

The second presentation of our National Team will be against Paraguay. It is important to beat the Guarani to dream of entering the top four of the group.

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