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Dan Richmond provided line-out launch trainings

Trained more than 70 coaches and local players
| 26 February, 2019 |

Invited by the Argentine Rugby Union, Richmond, who had already worked as a Los Pumas consultant in 2015, lived a week full of activities, which included individual work with pitchers, as well as coaching courses with coaches from national, provincial and club teams.

“ It has really been a very satisfying week and a lot of work with the hookers and coaches of the different UAR selected. Unlike when I came in 2015, I see that both players and coaches are better prepared and that allows them to apply the techniques that one transmits in a faster and easier way,” said Richmond, who worked with different Premiership clubs, as well as in the role of external consultant, both in the line out and in the scrum.

Clinics with players and coaches took place both on the Buoy and on Newman. Divided into theoretical and practical modules, the participating coaches were able to see the work done with the players of the selected, evacuate doubts and ultimately implement everything learned from the specialist.

“ Sharing knowledge with players and coaches is always very useful. In these four years that I was not there, I was training and learning new techniques that I can transmit to you today in these clinics,” Richmond explained.

Source UAR

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