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Curiosities of the date

What happened out of the ordinary on the date
| 26 February, 2019 |
  • This one, in the rigor of the truth, happened in a recovered match; but as it was in the week, okay. They played River – Rosario one of the most exciting matches of the last I saw. A little less than the Final of the Copa Libertadores del Bernabeu. Suddenly, a graceful young lady burst into a run on the playing field, dressed only in a bikini and a couple of painted areas on her body. I’ve never seen anything like that in Argentina. Invasions to the field, yes. But this, like the famous English striking, never. One woman, less.
  • Another from River: the power was cut off almost 20 minutes of the first half, on the court of “El Drillor”, while playing the local against “El Millonario”. So far, all normal when the power goes out. The unusual thing was that “The Doll” claimed after the game that the cut was on purpose, so that a Banfield player would go to the bathroom. And the truth, which became known later, is that Payero actually went to the bathroom during the cut. That was the cause of the discussion with Hernán Crespo, a new technical team from the south.
  • Anyone know why they allowed River to bring visitors to Florencio Sola this weekend? There have been no visitors in the Province of Buenos Aires for a long time. Luckily, the boys were good. And here I end up with River…
  • One of the Workshops: the Cordobes dropped between 50 and 60% the prices for the match against Palestino, by CONMEBOL. I hope they fill the Mario Alberto Kempes.

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