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Cordoba’s basketball hugging strong

A Cordovan basketball team fulfilled the boy's dream. He's 29 years old, Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome, and he fulfilled his wishes.
Un plantel de básquet cordobés cumplió el sueño del pibe
16 November, 2019

Leandro Billone Camacho is 29 years old and is affected by Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome. It is a rare malformative pathology characterized by congenital anomalies. He is a fan of the Institute and, since he was a kid, he always went to the field to watch football, accompanied by his dad. As he is a fan of Glory he was honored in the preview of the game against Olympic.

The young man has as their idols Miliki Jiménez, Ramón Wanchope Ábila and Paulo Dybala. But when his father died, he didn’t want to go back to Monumental. He turned his passion for red flag basketball and Sam Clancy became the banner of his love for glory.

One of the sponsors of Alta Córdoba was the link for the story to have a happy ending. As Lean was ill, he received a visit from Dr. Roberto Copello. Between talks, the young man told him about his tastes and passions. The professional asked him which club he was a fan of and that was the initial kick for the tribute.

The dream of Leandro

Leandro was honored in a very special way. It was in the preview of the last match that Instituto played as home in the Super 20 (Olympic vs.). In the middle of the court, the entire team gave him an autographed T-shirt.

“ He came back happy, I thank everyone for what they did possible that Leandro’s dream will be fulfilled,” said Cristina Camacho, mother of Leandro. In addition, the honoree of Cordoba’s basketball was accompanied by his two brothers.

These attitudes are what make a any player to a champion. Which causes the union of a club. These gestures are the ones that make us believe in sport again as a response to problems of life. The Glory squad deserves a round of applause, and Leandro too.

Cordoba’s basketball thrills us day by day. Thanks, guys!

SOURCE: Via Córdoba

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