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Children’s Rugby Meeting

Children's rugby fans set a meeting point: Córdoba. The Luchi Carrara tournament and the Nine a Side Pin Calou are
| 15 October, 2019 |

As every year, children’s rugby enjoys the 17th Luchi Carrara tournament and XLIV Nine a Side “Pin Calou”. More than thousands of boys from the divisions from M6 to M13 rugby, wearing different shirts, participate in this event.


striking thing about this edition of the matches was that, this year, rivals Athletic and Jockey decided to organize the two events together. They were generally held separately at the Jockey and Athletic facilities respectively. However this year, the classic came together to welcome rugbiers from all over the country. This was because the call exceeded expectations. But also this decision of clubs shows a change of attitude in the sport. JCC vs. CAC is the classic in hockey and rugby from the southern Cordoba. That they play together, and organize events of such caliber, is news that brings new concepts of sport and new perspectives on competitions. Children of every sport always have something to teach, in this case children’s rugby leaves us a lesson. The Jockey and Athletic leave everything on and off the court to enhance each other’s skills. Thus, they take together the logistical and organizational decisions of the event.

The red and white family hosts divisions M6, M7, M10 and M13. On the other hand, the black and red club welcomes the M8, M9, M11 and M12. Each club retains its colors and identity, the important thing is that they share the responsibilities in the organization. And it also shows that off the court players can play on the same team for good reasons.

Let the boys come from everywhere

The participation of clubs from other provinces means that there is not only a sporting, but also a culturalexchange. Clubs from all provinces joined and traveled to compete. Children from different divisions share, lodge with each other and compete from a healthy place. Children’s rugby from all over the country invades Córdoba, and fills the province with sports energy. T-shirts of all colors, from San Juan, Jump. Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Formosa, Rosary, Jujuy, Tucumán, La Plata,

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