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Catriel, cradle of talent for ping pong

In the city of Catriel, in the province of Rio Black, a new generation of great ping pong talents is
Catriel tenis de mesa Argentina ping pong
| 30 January, 2020 |

Table tennis, better known as ping pong, is a racket sport that is played between two players. It is an Olympic sport since Seoul 1988, and the sport with the largest number of practitioners. More than 40 million players practice it all over the world. According to various studies, it is the most complicated sport that a human being can practice at professional level l.

This year, the legion of Catrielian exponents in ping pong is preparing for great sporting challenges. Three of them, the brothers James e Ignacio Serra and Manuela Pereyra, are already national referents. They’re all here. located inside the podium in different categories of the first measurement of the National Ranking 2020. Manuela is also preparing as part of the Dakar programme 2020.

The Ping-Pong Pant

All sports have a place where children and young people begin to practice and gain sports talent. In football is the famous padlock or the local schools. In Catriel, the hotbed of talent is the Municipal School of Table Tennis.

The members of the Municipal School of Catriel are young stars of ping pong. They are Priscilla Jara, Martín Olatte, Maximiliano Godoy, the brothers Ignacio and Santiago Serra, Tobias and Manuela Pereyra. In the National Ranking by categories, Manuela is first in U-15, Santiago second in U-13 and Ignacio third in U-11. The rest of the local exponents are also within the national rankeo in their corresponding categories.

Challenges 2020

Several of the young people already started the preseason on January 3. In February the Grand Prix of Mendoza will be held and in March the Challenguer of Villa Carlos Paz in Cór opening hours. There Santiago and Ignacio Serra will seek the qualification in the selectives to integratethe Argentine Under-11 and Under-13 teams.

Before, in July, the National will be played in the capital of Formosa. Even there will travel the current fivefold champion and new winner of the the Republic, Manuela Pereyra. The talented athlete from Catrielense will have to move to Buenos Aires, for a training campus with athletes from the Argentina Federation. In addition, this year has already scheduled three challenges important. The South American, the World Tour (in Lima, Peru) and the Latin American (in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic).

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