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Carlos Cecconato, figure of Independiente, passed away

A little piece of the history of our big football
| 13 December, 2018 |

It was an eight of those few seen in history. Back and forth. With removal and arrival. A strategist.

He was part of a famous Independiente team, the only shirt he wore in the first division. An exquisite striker and goalscorer, along with Grillo, Micheli, Lacasia and Cruz, who scored more goals than River’s own “Machine”. That striker was the complete striker of the 53rd national team that beat the English 3-1 at the Monumental. A team also remembered for the particularity that the defense was the rear saga of Boca. And from the same team that won the South American 55, undefeated.

“El Rojo” was also the protagonist of the biggest goal scored against Real in the Bernabeu: 6 a o, in a tour around Europe; with Cecconato as the owner, of course.

Paradoxically, a team that never won the championship. Things of life. Like death, which today snatches us from a little piece of the history of our big football.

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