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Worse you couldn’t start

Rivadavia Baquet had its worst start since he was in the Argentine League. He takes six consecutive defeats. He only
| 19 December, 2019 |

As explained once on this site, Rivadavia Baququet is, today, the best we have the Mendoza in terms of the sport of the Orange ball. In fact, he is the only representative of all Cuyo in the Argentine League, the second category at the national level. However, and despite a very good preparation, the team of Fernando Minelli does not give foot with ball. He won only against Tiro Federal de Morteros, in the first match of the contest. The rest were 6 consecutive defeats for the East Mendoza. This is definitely the worst start of the season since I’ve been in this category.

1 of 7

The results surprise, considering the objectives achieved in recent seasons. It’s just that, in the last two tournaments, Orange reached the quarterfinals and, above all, it had more auspicious beginnings than the current one. No however, the 2019/2020 season is the worst. The 1 of 7 (a win of 7 matches played) achieved so far surprises.

True, the budget and the general economic situation prevented leaders face the cost of bringing foreign players, something that was very helpful in recent contests. And it is also something that many teams of the same Northwest conference. But, at the beginning, it was thought that the youth squad who Rivadavia presented was going to be a little more up to it. However, the results show the opposite. The defeats are given from home and away, and by difference of 10 or more points.

Anyway, not everything is lost. The contest is long, and the goal of getting back into play off is intact. As always, in these situations, the head will be key. The mental. The mood. Because the worst for this group of young people would be beaten in that respect.

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