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Walter Herrmann and his promise fulfilled

The former Athens made a promise, and he kept it. We tell you all about Walter Herrmann, a basketball player
Walter Herrmann
| 29 January, 2020 |

Walter Herrmann kept his promise: he finished high school. The former Athens had promised his mother. He surrendered the last subject and already has another title. In sports, throughout his basketball career, Walter Herrmann added a few titles. But in the last few days he got one of the most important: finish the secondary level and literally meet a pending subject.

Long ago, the former Athens confessed that he had promised his mother that he would finish the school. Something he could not do before because the demands of sport led another way. And a few days ago he did.

“ Yesterday 11/22/2019, after 23 years of graduating from National College N*1, I finished give up my last subject and, at last, the full secondary title,” began posting on social networks.

And, after thanking those who helped him through this stage, he added: “Thank you to all my colleagues and teachers of EEMPA! Thank you, thank you, thank you… This title is for you, Mommy! Never forget your shadow was my light. I love you!”

A golden race

Walter Herrmann Heinrich was a member of the Golden Generation, which became Olympic champion in Athens 2004. He was signed by Athens, the Cordovan club that started one of the brightest races in basketball. His entire career was excellent. He once told the media: “I always had an orange ball in my hands to nibble against the floor and try to score in a hoop.”

Walter Herrmann

His sports career was excellent, his personal life, not so much. Walter Herrmann had to go through some tragedies, however, continue to teach us lessons. He former basketball player lost in a car accident his mom, sister and his girlfriend. A year later, his father died of natural causes.

We, always giving him the hang of it. Great, Walter!

Walter Herrmann

SOURCE: Vía País

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